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Our colleagues

Developer group

Lue Kautzer

Lue Kautzer

CEO, Founder
Nicky Tran


Community Manager
Helen Trinh


Game Designer
Angela Koss

Angela Koss

NFT Gaming Advisor
Ruby Mayert

Ruby Mayert

Strategy Advisor
Roberts Nguyen


Blockchain Developer


  • Q1, 2022
  • Building core team and platform infrastructure.
  • Official launch of ToolSwap token, protocol & tswap.
  • Official Launching Web Here users can earn free tswap token.
  • Development of liquidity groups, swap functions and farming programs.
  • AirDrop program.
  • Sell ​​10% in front of Pinksale.Finance, 10% on
  • Token Burning Stage 1 (10%).
  • Prepare to launch new token, $ToolNFT, $ToolCoin, $ToolSale
  • Q2, 2022
  • Test the technical rate.
  • Farm automatic swap tool optimized.
  • Toolswap derived transaction platform.
  • Token Burning stage 2 (10%).
  • Launch new token, $ToolNFT
  • Q3, 2022
  • Listed on Pancakeswap, top CEX list.
  • List the Swap token on CoinmarketCAP, Coingecko.
  • Develop lending and borrow code Tswap and LP.
  • Develop leverage on the chain to bet, lend and borrow.
  • DAO Governance.
  • Token Burning Phase 3 (10%).
  • Launch new token, $ToolCoin, $ToolSale